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Being Present is where living happens 3 Important steps on how to be present in the moment

1. Breathe- Make sure you take a deep breath and relax a moment.

2. What is going on around you? Notice the sky, the people around you, the temperature, or the light around you.

3. Pay close attention to your body. Where are you holding tension? Note how you feel sitting the way are sitting. Wiggle your toes and notice they feel in your shoes. All of these are examples of noting your physical experience in your body and help you to be oriented in the here and now.

I often use the example of driving in becoming aware of our thinking. When we are thinking about the past, we might as well be driving forward but looking in the rear view mirror. When we are thinking about the future, might as well be watching several cars ahead instead of the ones next us and right in front of us. Both of these instances end up causing distorted thinking, emotional reactivity and metaphorical car pile ups. Being present minded is as skill that we have to work at but that is where living happens. Let the shadows fall behind you.