Individual Counseling

Counseling for all ages.


Child, Adolescent, High School, College Age & Parenting Counseling

Child and Adolescent

Child and adolescent counseling typically focuses on academic problems, sleep difficulties, bullying, anxieties due to separation or issues in the social arena. Transitions within the family, such as separations and divorces, losses, and behavioral issues, can also be difficult. We help individuals and the family system to gain wellness.

High School

High school is a challenging maze of social pressure, social awkwardness, post-graduation plans for vocation or higher education, assessing college readiness, and managing numerous other transitions. Counseling can be helpful for teenagers to manage the increased independence and responsibility obtained at this stage of life.

*Teens appreciate that the counselor is a neutral person not related to them who is invested in their interest and wellness. 

*Parents appreciate that the counselor is another adult who can help their family navigate challenging situations while listening to all members involved.

Wondering if your child is ready for college or to live on a college campus? 

Call today so we can assess independent living skills and transitioning to college. Consultation concerning college accommodations is also available.


Students face many new challenges today that were unknown to previous generations. Some of the biggest stressors are related to relationships, social media, and the financial impact of choosing a major that will provide for a well-paying career post-graduation. The transitions and challenges that come college life are some of our favorite topics to help you address. Together we can explore identity development, decision making, anxiety and depression, readiness for college and learning challenges. We can help to exploring possible accommodations within Higher Education. We know that college students face the push and pull between where you came from, where you are, and where you want to go in the future.


Parents often seek assistance regarding parenting and how to help their children manage various situations. Developing natural and logical consequences, as well as structure and consistency, can be explored together in counseling. Learning about resources and techniques to feel successful in your parenting style is an important step toward a healthy family.

What are the four main reasons my child is acting out?

According to Adlerian Psychology, the four main goals of disruptive behavior are:

  • Attention Seeking
  • Power Seeking
  • Revenge Seeking
  • Inadequacy or Assumed Disability

There are exceptions to this rule such as those with Autism or Attention Deficit Disorder. These individuals may be experiencing under or over stimulation which can look like disruptive behavior.