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Noticing the "Little Wonders" I was recently introduced to the movie, "Meet the Robinsons". Of course in Disney fashion, it had a happy ending, but isn't that what we all want in our own life?! The movie does a great job showing us how our own actions impact others in ways we have no idea about, until we are intentional in thought and awareness to notice.

This song from the movie stood to out to me as I have spoken with several people recently who are trying to move past something that happened in the past, is upsetting them and the thoughts about it are intrusive. Trying to overcome any obstacle is challenging and any form of clarity, insight or motivation is appreciated. I hope that this song helps you to realize that living in this moment is where life occurs. May you notice the little wonders all around us! Being present and practicing being present are easier said than done. It is also a strategy that can help us cognitively and emotionally!