Self-Esteem, Anger & Stress Management

Enjoy Life.


Improve Self-Worth & Manage Emotions

Self-Esteem Issues

The way we think about self influences how we interact with others and how we view the world. Together we will examine your self-talk and utilize reframing, evidence thinking, and strengths-based approaches to improve your viewed self-worth and self-esteem.


Anger & Stress Management

Anger and stress can have severe implications in our lives. Difficulty managing either of these emotions can cause negative health issues, damage our relationships, and affect our ability to work and enjoy our lives. By addressing the root causes, triggers and the thinking behind your feelings of anger and/or stress, you will find new and healthy ways to spend your time and energy. Besides, life should be enjoyed, not blocked up with stress and anger that zaps your energy. Let’s find ways for you to get back to enjoying life and relationships with those around you.